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Our Love Story


Lexie and Ned first met on December 8th, 2018 at a first birthday party in Los Angeles, California. Lexie first caught Ned's eye when she walked outside to his group of friends to introduce herself. She was admittedly a *little* nervous because she didn't know many people at the party, but Ned instantly made her feel right at home. As the party went on, they chatted about where they grew up, what they did for a living, and everything in between.

Once the party began winding down, Lexie headed back home to her apartment that she shared with her best friend Megan, and gave her all the details of her day and the cute guy she just met. It didn't take long before she followed him on good ole' Instagram. Just a few minutes later, her follow request was accepted and she had a new message from Ned in her inbox, and they've been hooked ever since.

After exchanging phone numbers and a few days of back and forth messaging, Ned asked Lexie out on a date. On December 20th, he picked Lex up from her apartment with the biggest smile on his face. The two went to Rose Cafe in Venice where they enjoyed some cocktails and continued getting to know one another. She was curious about his upbringing and how he ended up living on the west coast, and Ned was curious how Lexie was such a big hockey fan! After hours of talking, neither of them wanted the night to end. They gathered some of their friends from the party they met at, and the group all stayed up until three in the morning doing karaoke in K-Town. And the rest was history!


On Thanksgiving day of 2021, Ned went home for the holidays and told his family of his plan to propose to Lexie early the following year. The next day, he made a call to her bestie, Meg. Throughout the following months came many FaceTime and Zoom calls, perfecting his vision for the perfect ring he knew Lex would love.

Then the day FINALLY came -
March 5th, 2022.

Ned had a "work event" that was being held in Malibu that he wanted Lex to go to with him. She was all for it, and super excited! She even got her nails done (just in case). As the two were getting ready, they checked what the weather would be... and you guessed it - a wind advisory in Malibu. Ned's heart sank as the only thing he had been nervous about the weeks leading up to the day was the weather. He just wanted it to be the most perfect day. 

The two got in the car and made their way to his "work event," Ned looking out the window on his driver's side at the beach he was supposed to propose at, with the palm trees swaying in the air. Oh well, it was still going to happen at the beach, too much planning had gone into this! They made a quick stop at Starbucks for coffee and Ned came back to the car to tell Lexie that his co-workers were running late. He knew of a spot nearby they could go to kill time, El Matador State Beach.

After parking at the beach, they headed to the cliffs overlooking the beautiful ocean. It may have been windy, but boy was the view BEAUTIFUL! As Lexie was looking at the ocean, Ned said, "Hey babe, there is no work event." She turned around and Ned prepared to get down on one knee, telling her how much he loved her and how he has always known she was the person he was meant to be with. After sharing the sweetest words with her, he asked her to marry him. She of course said, YES!

The two celebrated with champagne and the secret photographer Ned had hired. When they left the beach Ned had one more surprise lined up for her... dinner at Boccaccio's in Westlake Village. They walked in and Lex was shocked when she saw both of their families had flown in for the surprise, and their friends were there too ready to celebrate their love. Ned had gone the extra mile to set up the perfect menu for the day, and Lex's bestie Meg made sure every detail was everything she had ever imagined.

It may not have been the perfect weather that day, but it sure was the most perfect day Lex could have ever imagined.

Best. Day. Ever.

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

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