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Wedding Party

We can't wait for you to meet our favorite people in the world.

We feel so lucky to have them standing by our side on our special day. Here's a little about them!

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Matron of Honor

Lex and Meg met 12 years ago and they hit it off immediately, we're talkin' sisters from the very start. They initially bonded over heartbreak, all things true crime, Friends, and sushi. Since those early days of becoming besties, they've lived together, traveled the world together, seen almost every pop star in concert, and had an insane amount of car karaoke sessions. Meg has always been the very best friend - the type that will be at your door with flowers and wine after a tough day. The kind of friend that will jump through hoops to celebrate every birthday, graduation, and milestone (and let's just say, she makes it all look so easy)! She just wants to see her friends smile and make people happy - that's Meg. Genuine, thoughtful, and kind. There couldn't be a more perfect fit for Lexie's MOH. She will forever be the girl Lex can count on, and Lex wouldn't change it for the world. Sisters forever.

Fun Fact: Will cancel plans to hang out with her dog, Chlo Chlo.


Best Man

Jack is Ned's younger brother and one of his closest friends, making him the perfect fit to serve as the Best Man! Growing closer as they got older, the two bonded over all things Football and Basketball - spending HOURS in front of the TV watching ESPN and talking sports all day long. They loved going head-to-head over Madden, NBA, and NHL video games growing up, and both boys would say they were the better player! One of Ned's favorite memories with Jack was when they took a guy's trip to see the Charlotte Hornets play right before Thanksgiving. The two of them, along with their dad, ate at the *world-renowned* Bojangles on the way back for their oh-so-special Thanksgiving breakfast. Jack is now living in North Carolina close to his family and friends and enjoying the coastal lifestyle that Wilmington has to offer. For any and all sports conversations, you can guarantee Jack will have something to say about any sport or team.

Fun Fact: Is deathly afraid of sea otters after being bitten by one at the zoo as a small child.

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Kayla (known as KP) also met Lex back in the glory days of high school, 11 years ago. When Lexie was planning on transferring schools, Kayla introduced herself during her school tour and they quickly became inseparable. Before they knew it, they were attached at the hip. Carpooling to school together every morning (& hitting McDonald's on the way...), spending their summer days boating on the lake or at Shoreline country concerts, and of course, riling up the Rosendin or Posada household together - something their parents just loved! Kay has been the sweetest friend and never fails to have Lex's back. She's been there for every single significant moment of Lex's life, and is truly her biggest cheerleader. Everyone needs a Kayla in their life!

Fun Fact: Will choose coffee over cardio any day of the week.

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Starke is one of Ned's closest friends and might as well be considered an honorary member of the Gallop fam.  He has been a mainstay in Ned's life since high school and will be anyone's source for any and all "Ned Stories". They've had some wild adventures together! As an avid lover of the great outdoors and unique adventures, Starke always encourages friends to try new things and live life to the absolute fullest. He can start a conversation with anyone (and we mean anyone) and will most likely be spotted on the dance floor at the wedding with his wife Meghan or ordering a round of tequila shots at the bar!

Fun Fact: Back in high school, Lynn & Jeff always knew Starke had been at the house because half of the junk food had vanished from the pantry... you know how those high schoolers have such an appetite.


As Lex was growing up, she always dreamed of the man she would marry. She wanted someone who was genuine, kind, and of course funny. And there was one more thing... DEAR GOD PLZ LET HIM HAVE A SISTER! Mission accomplished. Lex was so ecstatic (and nervous!) to meet Hope for the first time. The Gallop fam flew to San Diego to spend time with Lex and Ned and they all had the very best time at the Zoo! Lex felt like she could immediately open up to Hope, as they both had so much in common. Hope loves going to Orange Theory, shopping, and enjoying summer days out on the boat with her friends in North Carolina. Not to mention, she is UNC's newest Tarheel! Lexie is so excited to be gaining a beautiful sister and can't wait to have Hope by her side on this special day.

Fun Fact: Loves looking up the Crumbl flavors of the week.

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Greg and Ned have been friends for the longest of the group, since fourth grade to be exact. Their mutual love of the outdoors and similar interests made them buddies almost instantly. They spent most of their summers going to the beach, fishing, and having the occasional longboarding adventure. Although the two ventured off to different colleges, their bond remained close and grew even more when Ned decided to move back to North Carolina and go to App State. This just meant that trips to Boone and Raleigh were a regular occurrence and brought forth some wild stories. Troublemakers since day one and constantly goofing around, this was a match made in heaven from the very beginning.

Fun Fact: Has traveled to 36 different countries.



Oh MEEGS! The sweetest, most genuine and fun-loving gal there ever was. Meggie and Lex met in college at Loyola Marymount University. Both transfer students and placed in the same transfer orientation group, they quickly hit it off when they found out they were both from the Bay Area studying to become teachers and had a love for country music! From that day on came fun wine and margarita nights in Playa Vista, TV show tapings, trips to Disneyland, and of course celebrity home hunting! Meggie sure does bring all the fun to Lex's life. She's the gal who is down for anything, the one who will be by your side through every high and low, and the person that every girl should be lucky enough to meet.

Fun Fact: She used to be a competitive Irish Dancer. You may be lucky enough to get a demonstration if she consumes enough Tito's.



Ned and Alex have a friendship that has taken them to Boone, Charlotte, and NYC all in a matter of a few years! After meeting in college through Ned's roommate, they hit it off with their mutual love of the Carolina Panthers and a case of cold ones! They both moved to the Big Apple after graduating and made memories all over the five boroughs! Alex currently resides in NYC and loves to travel and experience new things. He loves the outdoors (very predictable from an Appalachian State grad) and always finds time to text the group chat the latest Panthers news and updates. He always strikes up an interesting conversation and loves to meet new people!

Fun Fact: He's superstitious about breaking a wishbone. So far, all of his wishes have come true.

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Shoutout to Bumble BFF! It all started when two girls swiped right... on each other. When Lex arrived at LMU as a transfer, she had hoped to build new friendships. Once the two swiped right, they met up at Sol and bonded over their love of margaritas. Soon after, Lex spent most of her days at Carly's house. One night they'd be pre-gaming for a night out at Bootsy Bellows and the next night they'd be home in their pajamas, drinking wine, and singing at the top of their lungs to music videos on the TV. They've shared some incredible life moments together - one of Lex's faves is seeing her bestie become such an incredible mother. Carly is kind, thoughtful, and is sure to be the life of the party wherever she is!

Fun Fact: Lover of any and all dad jokes.

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Ned and James' friendship began in 2017. While Ned was living in NYC, and as luck would have it, James became friends with some of Ned's Florida college buddies. When Ned moved out to Los Angeles not long after, all of the boys connected and the two hit it off. Before they knew it, Ned and James were hitting up West Hollywood every weekend with the rest of their crew. And just like Lex and Carly (James' soon-to-be wifey), the boys loved going to State Social! In addition, they shared a love of golf and yes, you guessed it, video games. Match made in heaven. James (and Carly) play a special role in Ned and Lexie's big day as it was their son Charlie's birthday party where they met! 

Fun Fact: He has lived in 6 different countries.

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Maggie and Lex met at Loyola Marymount University in their Math class, "Introduction to Elementary Education". The two quickly became friends and began hanging out at Maggie's house, watching movies with their face masks on, playing board games, and of course, venting about all the ins and outs of teaching. Maggie has always had Lex's back and is one of her first calls when she needs someone to talk to. She has been there for Lexie since the day they met. Maggie truly offers the best advice, has the purest heart, and is so excited to watch her friends succeed. She really is the best of the best and Lex feels so lucky to have her in her life.

Fun Fact: She is a former competitive figure skater.



Ned and TJ go way back, meeting one of their first days after transferring to Appalachian State. They both hesitantly signed up for an elective art class and immediately hit it off after being put in a group together on one of the very first days of class! Ned had just transferred from a college outside of Tampa, Florida, and TJ hailed from the same place - small world! They became buds from day one and formed one heck of a friend group. TJ currently resides in North Carolina where he enjoys the outdoors and being close to family and friends. He is always the life of the party and the first call for any event worth going to - especially ours!

Fun Fact: Once shared an elevator with Morgan Freeman and Pat Sajak.

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Fun Fact: Most fun 20 handicap golfer you'll ever play with.


Dog of Honor

Ring Bearer

Fun Fact: He may only be *almost* 5, but he loves building lego sets that are for ages 10+.

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